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How we developed Product X to make it easier to find products online

Why Product X?

Have you ever looked for a piece of software, SaaS, or service online? It takes forever. This is the typical sequence that anyone working on a web project goes through:

  • We have a really interesting creative idea! Anyone know how to do (pick your solution, which we’ll call “Project X”)?
  • *Everyone in the room/on the Zoom call stares at each other blankly*
  • Someone says “I’ll do some research”

The “research” consists of:

  • Google searches, filtering through an increasing number of paid search ads
  • Talking to a few friends
  • Reading a smattering of online reviews
  • At a larger company, researching magic quadrants and vendors on the AVL
  • Maybe talking with a vendor or two that you met at a trade show
Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. It sure can be inefficient, and you wonder if the perfect solution was one that wasn’t ever on your radar screen.
This creates a lot of wasted time, and inefficiency.
That is what Product X is here to solve.
In the coming months, you’ll see an increasing number of vendors joining the platform. We believe that this site will add efficiency and a lower cost to their marketing and sales efforts – and it should make it easier for you to narrow down your own selections.
Together, we can make the world of software and services discovery more efficient, less expensive, and faster for everyone. That’s why we’re here for you at Product X!